Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watching Makeup Programs on TV may not be for me!

So what have I done for my vacation so far? Well let's see, sleep, clean house and watched the Tarte Beauty on QVC & Benefit on HSN.  (research, I swear!!)
Now we all know the raves about Benefit's They're Real mascara.  They had this lovely girl with perfect lashes. She already had the mascara on, (this is where i started screaming at the screen) and started reapplying and reapplying until she had those horrible little balls on her lashes. Why oh why...there's a makeup artist right there...stop her!!!
Benefit They are real
I did really enjoy the Tarte presentation with the exception of the tarte Amazonian Clay HD Body Bronzer with Bodybuki Brush.  Now I do understand I'm comfortable with my pale skin. And I understand that most people want the tan 'healthy' look. But...they reminded me of this...

They probably should have stopped at maybe the sixth application.
I also do think this is a neat product for all over, but stop before you get to this point.
Tarte Body Bronzer

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