Thursday, April 12, 2012

and some days i simply don't learn

Well, one day maybe I will. I had stopped shopping at Rite-Aid after the coupon problems I had back in Dec. I had gotten a nice 25% off coupon. Okay, so it says not available on sale items,clearance, etc etc. So I had gotten all non sale items. And for some reason it did not take anything off of any of my purchases. It wound up taking like 15 minutes, 1 cashier, 2 managers and 3 separate registers to complete my purchase.
So yesterday I went over to my parents' house, and there is a really nice Rite-Aid on the drive there. And honestly they always have the best displays of any of the drugstore in the area. Wonderful end caps of new and limited edition items. Really fun to just roam up and down the aisles there.
So I found this wonderful beautiful Illuminati powder by Maybelline, and Maybelline is buy one get one half off.  And, and I found some of those lovely attached coupons....hehe. So I get the Dream Smooth Mousse. And off to the register I go.
Oops, forgot my drink, I quick grab a Starbucks yummy Mocha..oooh, it's on sale for 2.09. Nice.

Get to the register, scan the silly card. Shift manager(they must have my photo behind the counter...) rings me up. The drink does not come up at sale price, the Maybelline does not ring up bogo.
I mentioned this to him and we rescan the card. Still nothing.
And he says to me...'just slide your debit card it will take it off after the purchase'
ummm, no it won't, and no I won't.
I am a horrible customer. So another 15 minutes sucked outta my life while he fixes this.
I didn't even get a chance this morning to use any of it simply because I was running late again getting out of the house.

Rite-Aid----boo hiss for not having your sales correctly updated!!