Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aveeno & Neutrogena Sunscreen for the Face review

Okay, with the weather being so much warmer here, and knowing how my pale skin(NW15 for reference) does not like sun, I went on the hunt for a sunscreen just for my face. Something I could wear under makeup without looking wonky.
So off to Walmart I go (they actually have the best selection of sunscreens in the area). And after reading, rereading the backs of all the bottles/boxes, I decided on the Aveeno one. First off I do want to say, I love all the other Aveeno products I've ever used. So the next morning I am getting ready for work and put a little bit of this on my finger, and the first thing that goes thru my mind is "this is really really thick, this cannot be good for my skin". I, for some stupid reason ignore that little voice and go ahead and apply it. Now it looked fine under makeup and did not have that horrible spf smell we all love. Okay, so win!
Fast forward 3 weeks. Small zit on my nose. Okay, maybe..just maybe..but possibly hormones. Then George moved onto my nose. This zit was so large I decided to go ahead and name it. Not to mention it took close to two weeks to leave my face.
Final verdict: returned it. It did it's job at keeping the sun's rays off of me, did not have any weird smell, and was within an acceptable price point. But at a certain age one does not want to be dealing with acne that rivaled anything I had to deal with at 16.

Took a two week break and just used my Oil of Olay moisturizer. Got my skin to finally clear up and then took the plunge and tried the Neutrogena.
This one was worse if that is all possible. It took one week for my skin to break out again. George II was equally annoying but he is moving out now. Bye-Bye.
Final verdict: returned it. Didn't really give this a full trial run.

Considering the thickness of these two products I'm not sure whose face they could really be used on. They both were thicker that the sunscreen I use on my body. I would say these would be fine for the neck and upper chest. And they both did a good job at helping me maintain my pale.

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