Monday, February 15, 2016

oh I normally love thee..or massive fail on new products

sent to me by influenster. 

The last set of products sent to me by influenster was a huge fail, but I thought surely not two in a row.

Now another one, and maybe not so much influenster fault, but at some point I can't be the only one disappointed? right? right?

The dry touch spray antiperspirant. oh yes it is dry touch. very nice. smells nice. that 48 hour claim..Yes let's talk about that shall we?

I admit I am a sweaty girl, no not glistenly, not glowy, sweaty. Certain Dri and Crystal Rock are my favorites for stopping sweat. The crystal rock has no aluminum..Dove does.

And not two hours later I am sweaty. More than moist, not quite disgusting, but definitely getting there. On work days it's before I even start my shift. Really my patients enjoy a stink free environment.

So no repurchase from me.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

influenster voxbox..aveeno goodness

***product sent for review by influenster***
so just got this no review yet..but it will be up this week. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

so new stuff!

No pics for this entry...left the camera at home. We kinda snowed in or in my case snowed out. I'm currently at work..fortunately I'm currently employed at one of the local hospital so I'm chilling as it were in one of the empty rooms. And I will state for the record I was completely caught unawares..I knew it was going to snow, I knew I was staying overnight here. I however put off packing until 5 minutes before I left the house. So I have 4 mini bags of makeup..and had to stop at Walgreen's for deodorant. See I'm so not together first thing in the morning.  So as I'm snowed in, I'm catching up on my YouTube video subscriptions.
I did pick up Revlon's Shameless matte stain and the new Revlon Rose Glow. I know everyone else in the world uses Rose Glow as a highlighter, but I am thinking that will be a nice blush for me. We'll see tomorrow morning at 6am!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my First crappy product of 2013!

***purchased by me!***

Maybelline Master Duo in Violet Luster I'm looking at you

What it promises..

Go from Thin to Thick with the Twist of Your Wrist
Experience the revolution in liquid liner with eye studio master duo glossy liquid liner's unique 2-in-1 dual tip applicator:  Create thin, precise lines with one side and bold, thick lines with the other.

Okay, according to must be shaken first. So I shake it. and shake it. and shake it. and test it. one swipe of color provides a watery less than pigmented sample. two swipes, not much better, three swipes, not even close to the picture.

Now quite honestly, I do not have time in the mornings to reline my eyes 3 times. I honestly can't think of many women in the real world that do. 
This in my mind was a complete waste of time and money, and back to Target it went. I would have swatch photos of this, but this was one of those products that annoyed me so badly I could not wait to return it. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ohhh, I am getting another voxbox.!!

for those of you that don't know about Influenster vox box this is a free program and they send you boxes of goodies every once in a while that is geared to what interests you in your life.
last one i got was last very excited for this...

 And do check them out!  Linkie
On other news, I have started taking 5000 mcg biotin every day. I figure with the cocount oil working on the outside I should work on the inside.
I am also going on a one month no buy (March) to try to save up some money so hubby & myself can go on vacation.  Also I would like to use up some of the excess items I have in the house.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

nails of the weekend

Still going to do the AndreasChoice lip thing...
however this week was a bust for anything other than trying to stay upright. I do swear I seem to have the worst luck! Got sidelined by a GI bug that was developed by evil scientists! 12 straight hours of the worst pain and vomiting I have ever withstood. And since my work place is so understanding about illnesses...back in the next day. Did I mention I'm a nursing assistant? and work is where I caught the bug in the first place? So 4 days of constant handwashing,santizing, and glove wearing...and needless to say my nails were toast. Been putting on a coat or two of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. And since I'm off today I did a quicky color of L.A. Colors NP116 Berry Red.
Not too terribly impressed all in all...3 coats and it's barely as red as the bottle. But for a two day nail color I guess it will do!
I will say this, they have minimal chipping and I've done a ton of dishes this weekend.