Friday, July 6, 2012

dual review,Facial Epicare Epistick Epilator Hair Remover Stick

Hiyas! I'm back. Sorry I have been gone for two weeks, the heat here has been unbearable. And quite honestly the last place i want to be is in front of the computer. I have been hiding on my futon between the a/c and the fan. Yes, I know most of the U.S. has been hiding there as well. :)
Okay, first off I want to give big kudos to the seller I bought from millionshare. I got my order quick quick. Which is not just nice, but unusual anymore. Most sellers seem to push that 30 day ship time. I really think it's a whole feedback issue thing anymore. It arrived a day early and was nicely packaged. So thank you!

Now the review for the Epicare Stick. I watched numerous videos on YouTube about this beforehand. And most of the reviewers were in their teens. Well, if they can use it, surely I can!

Now on the actual hair that was bothering me, the lower chin peach fuzz..this works wonderfully. It is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Now the dreaded mustache hair....oooooowwww!!!The pain was horrible, worse than individually plucking or waxing. The amount of redness was the same I get from waxing.

Okay, ease of use~simply turn the pink knobs in opposite directions and run the coil against your face. You will feel the hair getting pulled out.
Lasting results~the same as plucking.
Pricing~ depends, I choose to purchase mine off of ebay, the actual site is a good deal more. (I will include a link to them as well)
Lasting of the actual tool~this varies I would think with use, seems most people replace theirs every 6 months. I've had mine for about 4, and have not noticed any issues with it. (and to be honest here, I am half Italian and unfortunately a touch fuzzy).