Friday, August 3, 2012

Black Radiance at Dollar General!

Very very excited over this. Right now they don't have a huge selection, but hopefully it's coming soon. Price point is 5$ for each package.
3 lip glosses, 3 sheer tint lipsticks, 3 different eyeliners (pencil, liquid, and smudger) and the Downtown Browns with 2 mini eyeliners.
 the actual display
 lip glosses

I purchased the Downtown Browns and the lip tints. The eyeshadow so far is wonderful. I did not use primer and they lasted with minimal creasing a full 10 hours. The lip tints, I am going to try out tomorrow. They are very very dark. Not 100% sure they are going to be work appropriate.  And sorry for the blurry pics, but this is my second time taking pics in a store, kinda felt wierd doing it.