Thursday, January 31, 2013

and today i got to do something nice for mommy

So my mom cannot find her beloved Max Factor Clear Mascara anywhere. Umm, mom?  Sorry but Covergirl decided us Americans do not need Max Factor..../sob!!
So  I went out and got her presents...on the mascara side I got her Covergirl's, Jane's, and E.L.F. clear mascaras so she can try them out and decide which she likes.
Also got her the Anastasia's brow powder duo in medium ash/medium brown for her brows. And got her the Essence eyeliner brush to apply it. Since the one she has is prolly from 1988. Love my mom, but she is not all about buying the brushes.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This week was a bust..hehe

Hopefully get some pictures of my Wet n Wild finds over the weekend. Sorry all, but my asthma has been less than cooperative this week. It's still worlds better than November was, but not as good as it was in December. And currently waiting on the newest Ipsy bag. Not too excited over this months, don't really need anything in there or interested in it, but whatever..I'll give it another month.