Friday, June 15, 2012

So I was thinking about my 40's compared to my 20's

When I was 25 I had figured out my skin, my hair, and my body. I had them mostly under control. Yes, I still had breakouts, but I knew when and where they were going to occur. I knew what I could and could not eat to maintain my weight. And my hair was always so well behaved. (good hair, good). Fast forward almost 20 years, now I have weird breakouts. My normal zone, my cheeks have turned into the sahara desert. My t-zone used to be oily, now it's oily some days, normal on others, and on others could end the oil crisis in at least two states. My hair....the daily annoyance is the wispy look on top of my head. Kinda like I'm having a nervous breakdown. And then there's this one patch of hair that gets oily oily. Just one patch, no matter how much I wash it.
And I actually had a moment this week where I wondered why I have so many hair/skin care products.

And we won't discuss the weight gain! :)

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