Friday, June 15, 2012

Review~L'Oreal Sublime Sun for the Face SPF 50

Okay, so I have been using this pretty much for the last month. First and most importantly, my rosacea has not gotten any worse. And obviously I have not gotten sunburned.
The other big plus for me is I have not had any breakouts.
This is a watery product which might bother some people, it's more watery than any of my liquid foundations.   Almost as watery as my L'Oreal corrector.  I personally was much happier with not putting something super heavy on my face.
There was also no overpowering SPF smell. Considering how much sunblock I use in a day, I'm quite happy not to have that smell directly by my nose. Thanks!
Keep in mind the following, I am fair skinned (nw15 for reference) with dry/oily/generally cranky skin.

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