Sunday, February 24, 2013

nails of the weekend

Still going to do the AndreasChoice lip thing...
however this week was a bust for anything other than trying to stay upright. I do swear I seem to have the worst luck! Got sidelined by a GI bug that was developed by evil scientists! 12 straight hours of the worst pain and vomiting I have ever withstood. And since my work place is so understanding about illnesses...back in the next day. Did I mention I'm a nursing assistant? and work is where I caught the bug in the first place? So 4 days of constant handwashing,santizing, and glove wearing...and needless to say my nails were toast. Been putting on a coat or two of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. And since I'm off today I did a quicky color of L.A. Colors NP116 Berry Red.
Not too terribly impressed all in all...3 coats and it's barely as red as the bottle. But for a two day nail color I guess it will do!
I will say this, they have minimal chipping and I've done a ton of dishes this weekend.

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