Monday, February 15, 2016

oh I normally love thee..or massive fail on new products

sent to me by influenster. 

The last set of products sent to me by influenster was a huge fail, but I thought surely not two in a row.

Now another one, and maybe not so much influenster fault, but at some point I can't be the only one disappointed? right? right?

The dry touch spray antiperspirant. oh yes it is dry touch. very nice. smells nice. that 48 hour claim..Yes let's talk about that shall we?

I admit I am a sweaty girl, no not glistenly, not glowy, sweaty. Certain Dri and Crystal Rock are my favorites for stopping sweat. The crystal rock has no aluminum..Dove does.

And not two hours later I am sweaty. More than moist, not quite disgusting, but definitely getting there. On work days it's before I even start my shift. Really my patients enjoy a stink free environment.

So no repurchase from me.

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