Wednesday, February 12, 2014

so new stuff!

No pics for this entry...left the camera at home. We kinda snowed in or in my case snowed out. I'm currently at work..fortunately I'm currently employed at one of the local hospital so I'm chilling as it were in one of the empty rooms. And I will state for the record I was completely caught unawares..I knew it was going to snow, I knew I was staying overnight here. I however put off packing until 5 minutes before I left the house. So I have 4 mini bags of makeup..and had to stop at Walgreen's for deodorant. See I'm so not together first thing in the morning.  So as I'm snowed in, I'm catching up on my YouTube video subscriptions.
I did pick up Revlon's Shameless matte stain and the new Revlon Rose Glow. I know everyone else in the world uses Rose Glow as a highlighter, but I am thinking that will be a nice blush for me. We'll see tomorrow morning at 6am!

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